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Quick Update!

Hello darlings,

I’ve not been feeling too well this week so haven’t had a chance to update my blog. Apologies for that.

I’ve decided to link my blog with my Polyvore account. If you don’t know what Polyvore is then OMG. It is amaze!

Polyvore is an amazing online site for the beauty and fashion community which allows you to create ‘sets’. In these sets you can pick outfits out, beauty products etc with full links on the internet for people to grab them. You can also follow others to get style inspiration and enter competitions.

I used to use this site A LOT when I was very young with some of my old primary school friends. I really recommend it for any budding fashionistas as it can really help you get noticed in the industry.

I’ll be using Polyvore quite a lot and will link all of my sets I create onto this blog. That way, I hope to show all of you some of the outfits I want and things I’d recommend for all of you. (A bit like a look bit except I can’t afford to buy all of these bits. Yes, sadly £500 MiuMiu shoes aren’t in my budget quite yet!)

Please check out my Polyvore account!

Love you always,

Eleanor x


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