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Travel Bucket List 2017: 3 places I’d love to visit this year

Hello darlings,

As some of you may know, I have a slight severe case of the travel bug. People always ask me where I’m jetting off to next. Having come back from Bali & Singapore 3 months ago, I am absolutely yearning to get back on that plane and get away again.

Here are my top 5 travel destinations for the rest of 2017 (even though we’re already half way through! Whoopsie!)

  1. Sri Lanka

sri lanka aa

Sri Lanka is quite swiftly becoming a bit of a tourist hot spot. And no wonder why? The Sri Lankan people are currently at peace after a bloody civil war which raged on for years. With lush beaches, mountainous regions and amazing food, this has become one of the places I’d love to visit this year. I actually went to Sri Lanka a few years back with my old dance school and it is such a beautiful country with very friendly people. I’d love to go back and be able to do my own thing as there are some beautiful temples and so much stuff I’d love too.


2. Dubai

dubai skyline

I have said for a very long time now how badly I want to go to Dubai. There is so so so much to do. I’d love to visit the Palm and the World Islands, I find these so interesting. It looks like such a fabby place for a spot of retail therapy too. I briefly stopped in Dubai as an airport layover and I actually think it was the best airport I’ve ever been too in my life! Just got to get swiftly back and get to the Burj Al Arab.

3. New York


I’ve always had this image of myself strutting down 5th avenue carrying a ton of Bloomingdales bags in 5 inch heels. This is one of my dream travel destinations and it’s somewhere I hope to make my way too pretty soon!! New York is literally where fairytales happen and I can’t wait to set foot on American soil!

Where are you top travel destinations lovelies? Let me know down in the comments!

Love you all so much

Ellie xxxxxxx


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