Exam Season DOs and DON’Ts

Hello gorgeous people of the internet! 
How are my lovely people doing? Apologies for my lack of posts lately, exam season is upon us! And what better way to do a snazzy exam themed post? Here are my top do’s and don’ts from my experience! 

I’m starting my exams tomorrow and I’m taking A2 Literature, History & Philosophy. I’m pretty nervous but I’m glad to get the ball rolling! 

DO revise. Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it? But even if you’ve left it late the quickest way to learn your stuff is to, I find, (not that I’ve left it late ;)…..) is to make summary notes of the content and then make revision Q cards of details and get a family member to help you out. By saying it out loud it tests your memory and it’s such a fab way to do it! 

DON’T stress! Ahhhh I’m such a victim of this. I’m in a permenant bad mood for like the 2 weeks I have exams because I’m just a NERVOUS wreck! The best thing to do is to just chill, don’t do too much and don’t stay up all night revising OMG. Watch Love Island at 9, then go to bed at 10 and get an early night. If you’ve been up all night stressing you will fuck your exam. 

DO eat healthily! The best thing to do round exams is to keep a healthy diet and drink lots and lots of water. Eat plenty of fruit and EAT breakfast! Especially on the days of your exams.

DON’T start a new social media diet fad. It will fuck with you, I swear. No calorie skipping Paleo diets. Eat your 5 day and if a cheeky Wispa in the evening is gonna cheer you up then go for it! 

DO exercise. “Excersise makes endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” – Elle Woods. But yeah, make sure you excerise like 5 days a week even if you’re just on the treadmill for 20 mins. It will boost your mood and get your blood pumping. Science literally says that’s the best way to remember stuff.

DON’T be lazy. Force yourself to get up earlyish. Have a black coffee and a big brekky. Pop to the gym in the morning and get most of your work done then so you can chill as much as you want in the evening! 

Good Luck in all of your exams you gorgeous lot! 

I love every single one of you and thank you SO much for all the lovely support I’ve been getting in this hectic period ❤️

Ellie xxxxxx


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